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Alexei Tsiganov Group

Alexei Tsiganov have been performing Jazz as a vibraphonist and pianist since he wa 16, starting his career in St. Petersburg, Russia. He continued his career as a pianist/vibraphonist/composer/educator in the music world pursuing his love of music in the U.S. He has been performing traditional and Contemporary American Jazz, Brazilian Jazz, Latin Jazz and his original compositions - his music was deeply influenced by his musical experience in Russia, Brazil and the U.S. Some of his compositions can be heard on the website.

Samba de Três 

"Samba de Três" was born in 2013, when Brazilian bassist/vocalist Ebinho Cardoso joined  Alexei Tsiganov and the Brazilian drummer Renato Malavasi. Since its inception, they've been peforming the original compositions by Alexei, Ebinho and Renato as well as their arrangements of Brazilian traditional & contemporary music.

Samba de Três  
& Regina Benedetti

Brazilian singer/composer/percussionist, Regina Benedetti joined Samba de Três in 2014, have recorded her original tunes arranged by Samba de Três. 

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